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Who We Are

A Simple Vision

You have what it takes to succeed. You are determined to graduate and get started on your career. You know that a four-year degree is worth it; but - even after your federal loans, Pell grants, other gifts, scholarships, and savings, school still costs a lot.

At FundingU our mission is to ensure that students like you can get the last gap funds you need to graduate on time. It’s actually pretty simple math. Your academic progress shows you will graduate. Your major and summer/school job record prove you are on track to get a good job. Your projected earnings indicate you will be able to pay back your loan. Oh – and here is the ‘secret sauce’ part - students like you are responsible. You take your life goals and commitments seriously. Nothing has been handed to you. You understand how to work for success.

At FundingU, we fund the underdog engineer who lifeguards every summer; the upstart nurse who is one semester away from earning her degree; the unknown business major who tutors on the side to make ends meet. Like you, we are a little guy - compared to the big bank lenders - but we know potential when we see it. It is you.

At FundingU, we fund you.


Founder + CEO
Jeannie has 20+ years of experience in marketing, strategy, and fundraising in consumer products, start-ups, secondary education, and the nonprofit sector, having acted in management and strategic consulting roles across several organizations. B.A. Princeton University.
Cofounder + COO
Jesse has 10+ years commercial lending and banking experience, most recently as VP of Lending for a $20M SEC Reg A approved real estate lending marketplace. Founder and CEO of the P2P patent-pending mobile payments platform, MeetMePay, Inc. B.A. University of Texas at Austin; M.B.A. Georgia Institute of Technology.
Peter has 18+ years of experience bringing software products to the market and enterprise for financial, healthcare, media, government, and other industries. B.S. Computer Science, Virginia Tech.
Chief Risk + Data Advisor
Davis brings 14 years of quantitative finance and banking experience, most recently as a Managing Director at Bank of America, where he developed multiple quantitative innovations and led a team responsible for several fixed income pricing models. B.A., Princeton University; M.S. Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology; Certificate in Computational Finance, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University.
Director of Enterprise Risk
Brian brings over 30 years of banking and risk experience with the Royal Bank of Canada. As a seasoned bank executive, Brian helps craft lending and risk policy for Funding U. BA from University of British Columbia, MBA from McMaster.
Graphic Designer
Marcel has 20+ years of international designing experience in digital and print products, from the simplest icon to extensive brand portfolios. B.S. Computer Science, Eindhoven Tech.
Risk Officer + Data Analyst
Chen brings 4 years of experience managing risk and designing risk control plans for financial services companies, including Hong Kong-Shanghai Bank Corp. B.S. Georgia Institute of Technology.
Rick Kohrumel
Chief Compliance Advsior
Rick brings over 30+ years of compliance expertise having worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for over a decade along with numerous financial institutions throughout his career. His expertise covers AML, fair lending, and deposit compliance to name a few. B.S from Marist College, MBA from NYU.
Lance Westerlund
Customer Service Rep
David Abercrombie
Customer Service Manager
Tori Smith
Customer Service Rep

Board of Directors

Chief Credit Officer HoneyBee. Former, VP/ Strategic Services - Product, Loan, Originations, SoFi
Retired Partner, Goldman Sachs & Co; Board member, Student Success Partners
CEO, TME Ventures, Former, CEO Nelnet Enrollment Services/Petersons

Our Advisory Board

Funding University benefits from the expertise of several advisors, including currently enrolled students and professionals in fields of education, financial aid, technology, data analysis, finance and lending.

Marketing Consultant and Regents Professor of Marketing Emeritus at Georgia State University
Managing Director, Lehman Brothers Holdings Principal, Betterton College Planning; Principal, ePrep
Chairman and CEO, The Advisory Board Company
Advisory Legal Counsel for Funding U Senior Counsel, LendUp
COO, Kredible
Advisory Capital Markets Director for Funding U Managing Director, Capital Markets, East West Bank
Patrick Kandianis
Ex COO & Co-Founder SimpleTuition