What determines if I qualify for a loan?
We offer student loans to undergraduate students based on their academic record, work history, financial history, and professional track.

There are many factors that going into our underwriting but one of the important metrics is how close you are to graduating.  Seniors are far more likely to pre-qualify than Freshman.

We utilize the following when underwriting your loan:

1) Academic Transcript: we use this to assess how you are progressing in school and your likelihood to graduate on time

2) Resume: All work is good work!  Work experience is a big plus

3) Financial Aid Award Letter: We want to ensure you are only borrowing the right amount based on your need

3) Personal Credit Report: We do not underwrite you based on your FICO score, however we do review your credit history to make sure you don't have delinquencies on your other current debts (student loans, auto loans, credit cards, etc)

Find out if you pre-qualify for a loan here.

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